Arre, the village


The ideal setting of the site on the banks of the River Arre enables people to enjoy swimming and fishing, as well as visiting many interesting local beauty spots by car, bike or by foot. You can be on the sandy beaches of the Mediterranean in one hour and an half by car.

Shops in the village: bakery, pharmacy, café and post office.

Typical markets


The towns of Ganges and Le Vigan welcome a big market where all farmers and small producers of the area bring their products: wine, cheese, honey, olives, apples, fruits, vegetables, handicraft...

Ganges: Big market on Friday morning, small market on Tuesday morning.

Le Vigan: Big market on Saturday morning all year long, and farmer's market on Tuesday morning from mid-may to mid-october.

Ganges: Tourist Office Cévennes Méditerranée
Plan de l'Ormeau 34190 GANGES  - Phone: + -

Le Vigan : Tourist Office Cévennes Méridionales
Place du Marché Triaire 30120 Le Vigan  - Phone: + 01 72 -

Mont Aigoual


Above the clouds.

In the Cevennes, on the border between the Gard and Lozère, at 1567 meters above sea level, perches both the Mount Aigoual Observatory and the Météo France observatory.

It is from this eyrie that men and machines monitor the skies over France, 24 hours a day.

From this point, visitors can enjoy a view over a quarter of France, from Mont Ventoux to Mont Blanc, from Canigou in the Pic du Midi, to the Puy mountains, to the Mediterranean sea...

Cevennes National Park


A natural, calm and green region with splendid nature, luxurious protected Flora & Fauna, very variated landscapes, amazing silence, a hearty reception and true starry nights...

Have a nice walk to know the truth of the beauty of the C
evennes, rocky valleys with chestnuts orchards and a landscape shaped in terraces by men, with meditterranean climate. 

Exceptional landscapes, interesting architecture of the impressionating granitic mountains Mont Aigoual and Mont Lozere.
Crossing the highlands Causse Méjean, Causse de Sauveterre and Causse noire, beautiful limestone highlands cutted out by the renown depths of the Gorges du tarn and the Gorges de la Jonte, where you can canoe, fish, hike, bike, dine properly or simply love unspoilt nature...

Numerous very cute villages, sports in nature and a variated offer to stay, to offer yourself a gastronomical trip and take breath...

Cirque of Navacelles


The Gorges de la Vis is a deep, steep-sided canyon at the southern part of France's Massif Central mountain range, at the edge of the Causse du Larzac. The "cirque" is a deep circular basin that was carved out by the meandering Vis river that created an oxbow at that spot. The oxbow eroded through at the neck to create an oxbow lake. When the lake dried up, what remained was the circular basin with arable land around a small center hill.

The hamlet of Navacelles is perched on the northern end of the central hill and along the river that runs through the gorge there.

There are magnificent views of the cirque, from the south rim and from the north rim. The cirque is truly lovely, with the green swath of fields curving around the central hill, the picturesque buildings of Navacelles hamlet, and the imposing canyon walls.

Inside the cirque, a beautiful river flows beneath overhanging trees. At one point, the river flows down over a wide waterfall, with isolated stone building sitting in the woods on the far side. The small road crosses the river on a humpbacked stone bridge.

The roads that climb between canyon rim and the bottom are narrow, often 1-car wide only, adding some to the adventure of the visit. The south-side road, at least, is in very good condition and with good visibility for most of the length, so actual danger is minimal.

Grotte des Demoiselles


A veritable underground cathedral, this immense, magical natural cave abounds with gigantic and strangely beautiful concretions, guardians of the secrets of geological time. This astounding voyage into the bowels of the earth leads one through narrow passages opening onto vast halls adorned with weirdly shaped and beautifully draped
National heritage site.



Roquefort-sur-Soulzon is a small village situated at the foot of a huge cliff locally known as Combalou.

Boasting breathtaking views and an exceptional situation, it is entirely dedicated to the production of the famous ewes' milk cheese.

The visit of the many caves is fascinating as it takes us into the heart of the mountain, where step by step we are witnessing the birth of a cheese whose reputation is well established...and the visit always ends with a tasting...

Roquefort, a magical name that evokes one of the most famous cheeses in the world, and also the most expensive!

Roquefort is also an old traditionand a beautiful legend that dates back to ancient times.



Cevennes guide's office in Aumessas (10mn from Arre)

Contact them year-round for nature activities in wonderful and unspoiled areas: canyonning, via ferrata, ramble, rock climbing, snowshoe...

Treetop adventure park in Montdardier (20mn from Arre)

Come and visit our treetop adventure park located at the foot of the Pic d'Anjeau, right next to the village of Montdardier  and its fairytale castle. Discover over 110 original aerial circuits installed in the trees of a magnificent forest, just a short distance from the Cirque de Navacelles and the excellent river bathing spots on La Vis.

We belong to a new adventure course park concept, also known as acrobranch parks or adventure parks, set up in forests for general public outdoor activities.

Biking and bike rental in Molieres Cavaillac (5mn from Arre)

Horse riding in Arrigas (10mn from Arre)

The horse farm "Cheval Vert" welcomes you on a 80 hectares area. Enjoy the beautiful landscapes of the Cevennes at the pace of horses.

The Herault Valley


The Hérault Valley is a classical Mediterranean landscape and a renowned wine region sprinkled with olive groves. The deep Gorges and the 28 villages provide a wealth of sites to visit. You will be surprised and amazed at the riches of the past in this valley of Legends…

With its cultural heritage, its local traditions , its markets with home grown produce, its olives, its wines, the sound of cicadas, its outdoor pursuits such as canoeing and swimming, both adults and children are sure to find what they are looking !

Just in front of the cottage


Natural swimming

at 100m from the cottage, easy to reach with footpath

Start of hiking tracks

Start of the bicycle path to Le Vigan